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Breaking Barriers aims to assist in the betterment of young girls who are experiencing challenging times in their lives. Even outside of a crisis situation, underprivileged and disadvantaged youth are in constant need of help. No one wants them to figure out how they will survive, yet it happens everyday. Within the Metro Atlanta community, there is a growing number of young girls whose families are dealing with social and economic barriers, thus preventing them from meeting their basic needs. They are struggling mentally, emotionally, and physically while lacking access to significant resources needed to sustain. This is where our journey begins.....

Breaking Social & Economic Barriers

our team
shantelle W. harrison FOUNDER

As a visionary and artistic individual, Shantelle has blended natural talent and passion through founding Breaking Barriers. In fact, her passion for troubled youth has been influenced by her own adverse childhood experiences very similar to the stories of many youth today, Shantelle often uses her own childhood experiences to motivate youth, she knows first-hand that too many kids give up before reaching their full destiny.  Shantelle earned a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Psychology from Winston Salem State University and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Clark Atlanta University. She has several years of experience advocating for individuals of different populations in a variety of settings. Her professional experience and training within the Social and Human Service sector serves her vision and commitment to cultivating healthy and positive experiences for at-risk young girls. For her, the most rewarding piece of this work is the ability to encourage and support young girls who are experiencing critical times in their lives. 

sherika hough

Sherika fell in love with nonprofits when she was only a young child. Inspired during camp at The Girl Scouts of America, she quickly developed a deep compassion for charitable work. This resolve stuck with her throughout college and into her adult life, where she sought to study the behavior of humans and their individual needs. It was during this time she obtained a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Psychology from Winston-Salem State University, she also interned at the City of Winston Salem’s Office of Human Relations. She later went on to obtain a Master's degree in Organizational Psychology. Throughout her life, Ms. Hough has worked closely with individuals dealing with addiction, mental disorders, alternative sexuality, prostitution, poverty and many other hardships. She is passionate about giving back through community outreach.


Board Members



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