Breaking Social & Economic Barriers

Breaking Barriers aims to assist in the betterment of young girls who are experiencing challenging times in their lives. Even outside of a crisis situation, underprivileged and disadvantaged youth are in constant need of help. No one wants them to figure out how they will survive, yet it happens everyday. Within the Metro Atlanta community, there is a growing number of young girls whose families are dealing with social and economic barriers, thus preventing them from meeting their basic needs. They are struggling mentally, emotionally, and physically while lacking access to significant resources needed to sustain. This is where our journey begins.....

Mission Statement: We offer quality services and empowerment to at-risk young girls, through mentor-ship and volunteerism.

Our Team

Our team is uniquely compiled of professionals who’ve spent a great deal of time working in high level positions of state and federal government agencies, hospitals, and local organizations serving children, and families. Through passion, expertise and personal relatedness we are committed to providing quality services for those experiencing difficult times in their lives. We know firsthand that many professionals leading and administering the services provided to underprivileged, and disadvantaged communities lack the personal connection required to deliver high quality services. As certified and trained leaders in mental health; wellness; counseling; advocacy; education; compliance/safety; child welfare; and finance, collectively, we have started this nonprofit for the purposes of saving the lives of children and youth.

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Barrier is defined as ….

a circumstance or obstacle that keeps people or things apart or prevents communication or progress.