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 We Need Your Support Today!

Through a gift to BBYS you will help provide the resources and support to the children and adolescent our program supports. Whether families are dealing with homelessness, life transitions, or just needing additional support,  your gift will make a significant impact in their lives. Please give a one-time gift today, by clicking the donate button below. 

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Help put a smile on a child's face by choosing, Breaking Barriers Youth Services as your preferred charity when you shop with Amazon!

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We are seeking energetic, committed, and resourceful individuals who are excited about our mission! We look for professional individuals or groups who share our passion and commitment for helping those in need. If that sounds like you, an you're a strategic thinker with an innovative mindset and a big heart- come on and get involved! We are always looking to grow the knowledge and skills of our team! If you are interested in volunteering or collaborating with our team, we'd love to hear from you! ​
Volunteers needed for youth mentoring, fundraising, outreach activities, social media volunteer, administrative assistance, marketing, and general support. If you would like to volunteer, please feel out the contact form on the services page. 
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Send us an email to learn how you can volunteer and collaborate on events  by co hosting and sharing your knowledge of resources, education,  life skill tips, and so much more! Help us rise by helping young girls right in your community! 

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