There is a rising number of pregnant and parenting youth who have been determined to be at-risk in their environments for a variety of safety reasons, including homelessness, neglect, and lack of family support. Consequently, these girls are victims of exploitation, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

For that reason, House of Providence (HOP) was established. HOP is a Residential Program with a focus on Specialized Maternity Second Chance home living. HOP offers a continuum of care for at-risk pregnant and parenting minors. The home will provide a safe, stable, and therapeutic family-like living environment for youth and their infants/children. HOP is targeting the growing number of adolescent girls that are falling through the cracks at home, school, and are on the streets. If these girls are not given an opportunity to advance their overall well-being and parenting abilities, as studies show, they will be more likely to drop out of school, repeat pregnancies, and lack general proficiency. As such, HOP hopes to accomplish the following goals, improving safety and well-being for at risk teen mothers and their children by providing safe and stable housing, improving the quality of living for at risk pregnant and parenting mothers across the state of Georgia, providing professional and comprehensive support and services, and assisting each youth with maintaining positive family connections.

The services provided to these young ladies and their children will ensure their medical, educational, psychological, developmental, and nutritional needs daily. 

House of Providence

Maternity Second Chance Home

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Philosophy: It is our belief that youth in crisis are best served in a home like setting that emphasizes personalized relationships, close supervision, and comprehensive professional support. We understand that youth who face well-being and safety issues may also face frustrating challenges and pressures, which may keep them from reaching their fullest potential. At HOP youth will benefit from the guidance of caring professionals who know them not merely as cases but as unique individuals with specific strengths, weaknesses, hopes, and fears.

Donations made to this project will support the development & construction of House of Providence Maternity Second Chance Home. The home will provide shelter and services for, 4 to 6 pregnant or parenting youth and 4 to 5 infants and children.

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