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Push Through Thursday

It's Thursday and we are a little over half way through the week however some of us give up on Thursday and are mentally clocked out by Friday morning. What ever you may be doing working a 9 to 5, being a full time mother or father, or going to school you ALWAYS want to give your ALL with 100% dedication. Remember sometimes we are not able to do it on our own. You have to have your crew of supportive people to push you to the finish line. You have your “cheerleader” the person that believe in everything you do. The “Pusher” the person that make you question life. The “Loyal Confidant” the person you can talk with and wont be judged. Lastly the “Energizer” the person who has an infectious zest for life. Not only are they optimistic but they encourage you to dream big. Again no person can finish the job on their own so get you a crew of pushers to help you make it to your next day, next goal, or even just building the confidence.

Do you have your crew if so comment below and explain their influence on your life

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