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The Girls and Goals Project (GAG) was inspired by three compassionate women and one Mahatma Gandhi quote, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world". This project aims to assist in the betterment of young girls who seek to change their lives through love, motivation and purpose. Through mentorship we are dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of young girls, in our community and beyond.

The Mentoring Program was created for youth ages 12- 17 years of age who are in need of support at school and  home. The program establishes a collaborative relationship between youth, and their mentors, while supporting youth in academics, life skills, and personal growth. Middle and high school-aged youth from the Metro Atlanta area are matched one-to-one with professional millennial mentors. 
As an immediate support system for the youth, mentors are encouraged to speak as often as possible.
Mentors will engage youth on topics such as, alcohol and drug prevention, conflict resolution, communication skills, preteen/teen issues, life skills, education, employment, and finance. Recreational activities, and educational workshops will be planned regularly throughout the semester.
>>> Enhance individual behavior      
>>>  Increase completion of educational goals     
>>> Improve self-control
>>> Improve self-motivation & independence     
>>> Improve interpersonal communication
>>> Increase employment readiness and job attainment     
>>>  Empower youth to take responsibility and accountability for their own futures
>>> Encourage youth to participate in community service projects

Collaborate with us! We are looking for mentors and partners.

Contact us to become a mentor or collaborate through a workshop!

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